The stove burned my tongue

Well hello there, so its neqring the time when we can all start dreaming of the playoffs again, even the Royals and Pirates….. ok maybe not, but i do like the look of the royals roster this off season. Anybody with me? So Epstein doesnt want to give up Bucholz for a star catcher? Come on, the guy has a few good outings and a no hitter against the orioles of all teams and suddenly hes not eligible to be traded? Please…. We (red sox) need a star catcher, not a mediocre possiblity.


Well, they did it. And congratulations to
them and all Philly Phans out there. I know I’m not the only
one out there in world who can’t stop thinking about
John Marzano and what he’s making of all this. His passion
for baseball and above all for the Phillies always came
shining through anytime he talked about the game. He was
knowledgable, funny and a great asset to the baseball world.
I only hope that somewhere, somehow he’s able to enjoy all of

these fans don’t deserve a world series….

these fans do not deserve a world series
team. Tampa bay fans haven’t been going to games all season,
they’re definatwly fair weather mohawked bell ringing

John Marzano – The 10th man

Anyone else get the feeling that theres
definately someone pulling the strings up there in heaven for
a Phillies world series win? Go Marz!

This is new…

So MLBlogs have decided to update their
dated appearance. About time. Seriously people, did you have
to wait till the beginning of the season to change that? The
old system was way too complicated and cumbersome. This has a
fresh, airey feel to it, i like it. I

And they’re off…

So the season has finally begun. The 2008 regular season standings may not even be updated but the Red Sox are leading from the front. Barely. I love cheering the sox on but Oakland should really have won that game. Getting caught in a run down to be the second out of the tenth inning in a one-run ballgame is bordering on the criminal. Billy Beane ought to slap Emil Brown with a great hunk of sushi for that one. Still a long way to go, lets try and keep that 1.000 record as long as possible.

Play ball!

Bring baseball to Britain

With MLB’s first trip to China being a great success, why hasn’t Selig sent a couple of teams to Britain yet? We, as Great Britons travel to the US every single year to follow our teams and spend countless amounts of money on road trips visiting ball parks all over the country. We, as fans deserve some games in our own back yard. Hurry up Bud, follow the NFL’s example and send us some innings!

Finally…. the Conn has come back to MLBlogs!

Well we’re almost back to regular season mischief and already the Yankees are showing their intentions. The 27th championship won’t be coming this year, they just don’t have the pitching to get them through to October. Shelley Duncan should be slapped upside his head for the stupid foot raised slide into second. During a spring training game he decides to add a little spice? Against the Rays?

Joe Girardi has to take some blame for this, he’s obviously been pushing and pushing for more determination and desire from this bunch of yanks. So is this the way to go after your 27th championship? Are the Yankees right to go out with the attitude of winning at all costs? Is baseball, after all, not only a game?


So the time has come to go back to Northern Ireland. Paris has been great but i’ve had enough. It’s truly better to be a tourist than a local in Paris. But still, its been a great time. My quest to find out if Casey Stern has 11 toes has not come to an end just yet. I will not rest until he proves this to me and all the fans around the world live on his show. A toi mon ami……

Time to go, Joe

I finally think the time has come. And he knows it. Joe Torre should resign as the Yankee manager. It has become a joke, fighting with the Devil Rays for last place, he needs to give big George a break, and quit now, while the Yankees still have a hope. 7 years of failure is enough. Go Joe, go now while you’re still loved around town.